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Celebrate Sustainably this Holiday Season

As we move into winter, the Santa Fe community is coming together to exchange gifts and celebrate holiday traditions. Th...

Santa Fe Sustainability - 12-06-2023

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Sustainable Transportation Santa Fe

When it comes to making sustainable choices for our environment and community, how we move around our city matters. Trad...

Santa Fe Sustainability - 11-03-2023

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Expanding Cleaner, Greener Energy in Santa Fe

October is National Clean Energy Action Month, with October 4th marking National Energy Efficiency Day. Clean energy (en...

Santa Fe Sustainability - 10-10-2023

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Keeping Santa Fe Beautiful: Combating Litter Through Community Partnership

When it comes to the vibrancy of our local environment, there's a collective responsibility in maintaining Santa Fe&...

Santa Fe Sustainability - 08-25-2023

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Embracing Local Economy for a Sustainable Santa Fe

Through the Sustainable Santa Fe 25-Year Plan, our city established multiple strategies to achieve carbon neutrality, im...

Santa Fe Sustainability - 08-10-2023

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Protecting Ecosystems in Santa Fe

As the summer finally sets in, Santa Fe enters our warmest month of the year in July. Especially at this time of year, o...

Santa Fe Sustainability - 07-17-2023

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Reducing Waste and Keeping Santa Fe Clean

On July 14th, Santa Fe’s Environmental Services Division will be sponsoring the Detroit Lightning, one of the Sant...

Santa Fe Sustainability - 06-27-2023

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Water in Santa Fe

As climate change turns up the heat in the West, cities like Santa Fe are working hard to develop innovative solutions f...

Neal Denton - 05-11-2023

Santa Fe Community GHG Emissions Inventory blog

How Santa Fe Is Contributing to Climate Change – And What We Can Do About It (Part 2)

(Before you read this post, make sure to check out Part 1 on our blog series on GHG emissions here) Now that w...

Neal Denton - 03-14-2023