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How we move matters. Transportation accounts for 34.6% of Santa Fe’s greenhouse gas emissions – the largest source of emissions in Santa Fe.

Photo of the Santa Fe train station with a Rail Runner Train in the background. In the foreground, two people stand next to bike racks in front of the train.

Credit: Seth Roffman

How We Move

Our Vision for Sustainable Transportation

Santa Fe’s transportation system is reliant on personal vehicles, which create more greenhouse gas emissions from people traveling alone and makes Santa Fe less accessible for those who do not own a car. The City’s transportation vision is to develop a more balanced, equitable, and efficient system that prioritizes biking, walking, public transit, ridesharing, and more. Santa Fe's Multi-Modal transition Plan was adopted in 2022 and aims to help everyone access the City by public transit, walking, biking, and driving. 

The multi-modal plan informs the City's priorities which are formalized in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP is short-term project list facilitated by the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization that includes multi-modal transportation projects expected to be funded within a four year period (2022-2027). Current TIP projects include: Bishop's Lodge Rd Reconstruction Study, Guadalupe St Reconstruction Road Diet, St. Michael's Dr. Rail Trail Crossing/Underpass and more!

Learn more about the TIP here.

Public Transit

Santa Fe Trails: 1 Million Riders

The numbers say it all: public transit in Santa Fe is popular! Santa Fe Trails has transported more than 1 million riders in a single year through its two types of bus service: fixed-route service and on-demand service, which can be requested at any bus stop by calling 505-955-2001.

A strong public transportation system reduces emissions, the need for personal vehicles, and makes our city more accessible for everyone; 55% of the City’s unhoused population uses Santa Fe Trails to get around. Veterans, youth aged 18 or under, and Rail Runner passengers can all ride for free. Santa Fe Trails also offers a complimentary Paratransit program called Santa Fe Ride.

Santa Fe Trails has been fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) since 1992, making it the first all-CNG fleet in the nation. New CNG engines release almost no emissions and emit 20 times less nitrogen oxides, an air pollutant, than today’s diesel engines.

Santa Fe Trails Bus

Santa Fe Trails Bus

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Electric Vehicles

EV Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicles contribute to sustainability by reducing emissions, improving air quality, and reducing the use of carbon-intensive fossil fuels. Santa Fe is working to make electric vehicles an option for everyone by installing publicly accessible charging stations. With grants from the 2020 New Mexico Legislature and New Mexico Environment Department, the City has installed electric vehicle charging stations at the Railyard Garage, the Sandoval Garage, the Convention Center Parking Garage, and the Southside Library. Thirty-five charging sports are also coming soon to the airport.

Check out the map to the left to find a charging station near you. 

cars on truck

City EV Vehicle Delivery

Leading by Example: Electrifying the Fleet

Residents aren’t the only ones with the power to make sustainable vehicle choices. Per City Council resolution 2017-86, the City will replace older, decommissioned vehicles in its administrative fleet with electric or hybrid models. So far, the City has replaced 17 city vehicles with 100% electric vehicles.

City Vehicles Go Electric

Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Hiking and Biking Trail network

In addition to urban multi-use trails, the City's Dale Ball and Connecting Trails and La Tierra Trails provide a network of over 50 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. These also include some multi-use trails for equestrians. The city's wilderness trails connect to other well-known trails in Santa Fe County including extensive trail systems in the Santa Fe National Forest and Galisteo Basin Preserve. 

See the Santa Fe MPO's Bikeways and Trails Map for more info.


Santa Fe Rail Trail

Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Santa Fe Routes

Santa Fe is recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community, but there’s still work to be done to make traveling even safer and more accessible for people who walk or ride a bike.

Future plans include improvements to bike lanes and trails in the Santa Fe Metropolitan Bicycle Master Plan, which will make it easier for residents to reduce their reliance on cars while remaining protected. Santa Fe's Multimodal Transition Plan showcases additional strategies such as bike share programs and improving active transportation safety and connectivity. The TIP includes pedestrian improvements for the Acequia Trail and Tierra Contenta Trail.

To use the map to the left, click the arrow on the upper-left corner to show the area's future project priorities.

How You Can Help

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