How You Can Help

Everyone can make a difference. Make a simple change in your everyday life to reduce waste, save water and energy, or actively commute and you can help the City of Santa Fe achieve its sustainability goals! 


Ensure Your Home is Energy Efficient
Save Money and Energy in Your Home
Learn How to Electrify Your Home
two wind turbines

Credit: Tom Swinnen


Reduce Your Use, Reduce Your Waste
Volunteer with Keep Santa Fe Beautiful
Most Single-Use Plastic Bags are Banned in Santa Fe
Get Help with Broken Items and Learn Repair Skills
Bring Your Own Bag


Know Which Tree Species Are Best for Santa Fe's Climate
Practice Drought-Smart Tree Care
Resources to Prepare for Fire as a Homeowner or Landowner
Schedule a Home Assessment to Evaluate Your Fire Risk
Plant a Pollinator Trail Habitat with Santa Fe Xerces Society
upwards looking at tree

Photo: SevenStorm


Install Rain Barrels or a Cistern on Your Property
Install a Simple Valve to Redirect Your Laundry Water to Irrigation
Do You Know How Much Water You Use?
Dine at a Waterwise Restaurant
Become a Waterwise Business
A large, tan rain barrel connected to the outside of a building.


Get Active and Walk or Bike to Your Destination
Volunteer with Bike Santa Fe