Earth Month and the Great American Cleanup

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Join the Railway Park Conservancy and more than a dozen community partners for a free Earth Day event celebrating Healthy Soils in the Railway Park! 

Date: April 20th, 2024

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Location: Railyard Park

Price: Free!


With warm spring weather and Earth Day around the corner, April is a great month to take time for reducing waste and improving the environment in Santa Fe. This month, the City of Santa Fe is continuing its partnership with Keep Santa Fe Beautiful (KSFB) for the annual Great American Clean-Up, an effort to tackle litter and waste in the Santa Fe environment.

The Impact of Litter

While litter may seem like a minor issue at first glance, its impacts can be felt far and wide, affecting everything from local ecosystems to public health. When trash litters our streets, parks, and waterways, it poses serious threats to wildlife, contaminates soil and water sources, and detracts from the city's natural beauty.

Litter in our city and natural surroundings has many impacts on our environment and health. When not properly disposed of, waste can disrupt ecosystems for both plants and animals, harming local wildlife and disrupting growth patterns of native vegetation. Additionally, contamination from litter can break down into small particles and cause toxins to accumulate in soil and water, posing risks to plants, animals, and humans alike. Proper disposal of waste, and reduction of waste generation, is vital to ensuring that Santa Fe’s biodiversity, natural beauty, and healthy ecosystems continue to thrive.

The Benefits of Clean-Ups

Luckily, litter is not an unsolvable problem. Through education on proper waste disposal and community clean-ups, the City of Santa Fe and its residents can work together to reduce litter and its environmental impacts. Participating in clean-up efforts not only directly improves the health and aesthetics of our environment, but they provide an opportunity for positive community engagement, bringing people together for a common cause. Whether working alongside neighbors, friends, or colleagues, sharing in the goal of environmental stewardship can help foster more conversations about community, sustainability, and resilience in Santa Fe.

Additionally, clean-up events offer educational opportunities for participants of all ages. They provide a hands-on way to learn about environmental issues, waste management, and the importance of individual actions in creating positive change. 

Join KSFB for the Great American Clean-Up

Ready to roll up your sleeves and make a difference? Join Keep Santa Fe Beautiful for a community-wide clean up event on Saturday, April 13th from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Registrants can pick up t-shirts, bags, and gloves on Wednesday, April 10th at 1142 Siler Road Bldg C. from 9am – 6pm.

Residents can register as individuals, groups, or neighborhoods using this link.  KSFB can direct individual volunteers who are not already affiliated with a group to targeted problem areas during city-wide clean ups to maximize impact.