City of Santa Fe Launches Sustainability Dashboard

The City of Santa Fe went live today with a new sustainability dashboardThe dashboard shows the community how the City is making progress on implementing the Sustainable Santa Fe 25-Year Plan, which established strategies to achieve carbon neutrality, improve quality of life and social equity, enhance ecological resilience, and strengthen the economy.  


The City has been tracking performance metrics related to greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water, waste, ecosystem health, and transportation for many years. The new dashboard, which features an updated 2021 greenhouse gas inventorywill serve as a powerful storytelling tool to present these metricsenhance transparency, and empower communities to gain firsthand knowledge about these key performance measures and how they impact the quality of life for all Santa Feans.  


“I am excited that everyone in Santa Fe can now use the dashboard to see our progress toward achieving our sustainability goals,” said Mayor Alan Webber. “This new tool is another example of our commitment to being the most sustainable city in America. We all know that what gets measured is what gets done. Now we’ve got a tool that let’s everyone measure our progress toward sustainability in Santa Fe.” 


In addition to offering a window into the City’s sustainability efforts, the dashboard also provides tips, strategies, and resources to help community members implement sustainable choices in their lives.Even simple, day-to-day changes to reduce waste, save water and energy, or actively commute can make a big difference.   


Explore the sustainability dashboard to learn how the City and the greater Santa Fe community are working toward a carbon-neutral future.